Abpi Indemnity Agreement

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6 www.abpi.org.uk/publications/ct-compensation 5 www.ukcrc.org/regulation-governance/model-agreements/ 4 www.abpi.org.uk/publications/guidelines-for-phase-i-clinical-trials-2018-edition/ In cooperation with the four countries of origin, ABPI has developed a model clinical trial agreement for commercial clinical research. We continue to work together to keep this unique model agreement up to date. This collaboration also allows for the development of guidelines to facilitate understanding of the model agreement.5 The 2018 edition of the ABPI Guidelines reflects current EU legislation for the conduct of Phase I clinical research under the EU Clinical Trials Directive. Until Regulation (EU) No 536/2014 on clinical trials becomes applicable, all clinical trials conducted in the European Union must be conducted in accordance with the Clinical Trials Directive. In addition to the regulatory changes, this new edition also contains the previous abpi First in Human Studies4 guidelines. The ABPI also provides guidance on the remuneration of clinical trials for use in clinical trials in the UK6. Collaboration between the nhs and commercial organizations in clinical trials is essential for the development of new drugs. AbPI has produced a series of guides to support this critical process. All parts of the guidelines are regularly reviewed to ensure they comply with the latest regulations. .