Agreement with Enterprise

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Fill out this simple letter of participation to sign up for this contract and begin the two-step registration process. Once the EZ Button form is completed, you will be automatically redirected to the company`s website for step 2. When you enroll, you must enroll in the program (A, B or C) that best meets the needs of your institution. As part of the implementation, your establishment will be assigned a unique customer number, which will ensure that you benefit from all the benefits of this contract. If your institution already has a unique account number with Enterprise, that number will remain unchanged. A) By signing the rental agreement, the tenant confirms that he assumes full responsibility for all traffic and parking penalties during the rental agreement and all other violations of the law and their consequences. B) If the tenant receives traffic or parking penalties during his rental period, he must present the ticket to the company representative with the confirmation of payment. Note: Please log in as an E&I member when placing orders. The information contained herein is confidential and belongs to E&I and its members and may not be disclosed to third parties. Today and every day, we are committed to maintaining high standards of cleanliness.

Our customers and employees deserve to know more than ever that we support this commitment with the Complete Clean Pledge – our promise to go beyond our already strict cleaning protocols, follow the instructions of leading health authorities and partner with the travel industry to protect the health and safety of all. While Enterprise makes good faith efforts to respond to requests for vehicles with manual control, left foot accelerators, rotation buttons or pedal extensions, we may require up to two to three business days` notice for vehicles equipped with adaptive driving devices as soon as possible, depending on the location of the branch where such a vehicle is requested. However, at some major airports, vehicles equipped with adaptive driving devices may only be available 8 or 24 hours in advance. The foregoing delays are subject to delays beyond Enterprise`s reasonable control. If the vehicle is returned with less fuel than specified in the rental agreement at the time of collection, the renter is fully responsible for the fuel costs. There is an additional 500 AMD per liter missing. The renter can request to pay for the full tank in advance at the time of collection and return the vehicle with an empty tank. Fuel that was not consumed at the time of return of the vehicle will not be refunded.

The customer`s signature on the rental agreement indicates that the tenant confirms and accepts that he has read and accepts these conditions. The rental conditions and the rental contract are considered inseparable. Customer Service For customer service inquiries regarding customers with disabilities, please call (866) 225-4284, email us at or TTY at (866) 534-9270. What number should I call to book a car equipped with an adaptive driving device? To make a reservation, please call our National Reservation Centre at (866) 225-4284. If you want to rent a van equipped with an elevator, Enterprise does not offer to rent vans equipped with elevators. In many large metropolitan areas, specialized companies offer vehicles equipped with wheelchair lifts and other equipment that can be rented on a short- and long-term basis. Wheelchair Getaways is one such company, and you can contact Wheelchair Getaways at or (800) 642-2042. Please note that Enterprise provides this information to its customers only as a courtesy. Wheelchair Getaways is not affiliated with Enterprise or any of its subsidiaries. Adaptive Driving Devices Enterprise is committed to providing a range of adaptive driving devices to its customers with disabilities. Adaptive driving devices include portable controls, left foot accelerators, rotation buttons and pedal extensions.

These devices are available at no extra cost. D) The renter must return the vehicle to the location specified in the rental agreement at the Enterprise Rent-A-Car location (or another) within the business hours of the location. If the renter drops off the vehicle outside the estimated working hours, he must meet the return conditions for this place outside office hours. If the renter returns the vehicle within office hours, he remains fully responsible for the vehicle until the company staff takes possession of it by signing the delivery/acceptance protocol. In addition, employees of E&I member institutions may be eligible to receive a special exchange offer* when purchasing a vehicle for personal use. Details of the exchange offer can be found here. 1: The complete vehicle inventory is available by visiting or enterprise car outlet and asking for help finding an available vehicle in the Enterprise Car Sales national inventory. Transfer fees may apply for delivery of vehicles outside the area. Based on vehicles owned by Enterprise Holdings and its subsidiaries and affiliates for rent. 2: The powertrain limited warranty begins on the date of purchase of the vehicle and offers coverage for 12 months or 12,000 miles, whichever comes first. Restrictions apply. For more information, consult a business sales advisor.

3: The 12-month Enterprise Unlimited Mileage roadside assistance package is offered by the American Automobile Association (AAA) and its affiliated clubs in the United States and Canada. Some restrictions apply. *Enterprise Car Sales offers a fair and competitive offer for your vehicle. The trade-in value is based on the condition and mileage of the vehicle. Valuation adjustments for vehicle kilometers that are disproportionate to the age of the vehicle may be limited per company because dirty to 20% of the underlying value of the vehicle. The customer is responsible insofar as the payment of the vehicle exceeds Enterprise`s offer. For more information, contact a business sales advisor. Offer valid from 10/1/20 to 1/1/21. Used vehicles were previously part of the Company`s rental fleet and/or the rental fleet of an affiliated company or were acquired by Enterprise from sources such as car auctions, customer deposits or other sources, with possible prior use, including rental, leasing, transmission system companies or other uses. . .